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Blog Services


Pick one (or more) of the peaches to be a brand ambassador! With ambassadorships you will receive,

  • Everything in the Sponsored Blog Post package (scroll down for details)
  • 1-3 Instagram features a month
  • Your logo & direct link to your site on our blog's sidebar
  • Use of all professional photos for your social media. 

Available in 3 or 6 month agreements.


If you think you have a product or service that would be a good fit for Desert Peaches or any of the girls individually feel free to contact us with more details so we can arrange a collaborative giveaway. 


We want to hear your story! We are currently accepting guest posts on our blog. We love collaborating with other artists, business owners, bloggers/vloggers, and social influencers. Apply now!

Want us to try out any of your products (accessories, clothing, beauty, etc.)? We cannot promise to write a blog post or incorporate the product into a video, Instagram post, etc. unless a sponsorship is finalized. Therefore, your product is not guaranteed to make an appearance within our blog. As our readers know, we will only share our honest opinions as this is the most important piece of sharing our reviews with others. Any samples we receive will be reviewed without bias and our honest opinion will be given, whether it is in favor or not in favor of the brand/product. 

Contact us at or fill out this form for address!


Does your products or services need more valuable testimonials and/or examples of the best ways to use them? Want more people seeing and talking about what you're offering? Commission a photo shoot with full promotion included! Our sponsored blog posts include,

  • Full Blog Post with dedicated product placement 

  • Professionally photographed like a fashion or lifestyle shoot

  • 1-2 looks maximum

  • 10 or more fully edited photos

  • 1 or more posts on our Instagrams (You will be tagged and credited to direct traffic to your site/profile)

  • Product reviews and/or how-to's 

  • Payment is due before any features will be shot or posted.

  • Products sent are expected to be gifts, unless a return shipping label is included. We typically don’t take loaned products, unless adequate compensation is provided.


Instagram Promos are great for brands looking to drive traffic to their Instagram. The more your product aligns with our niche, the better the response for you. Please take into account our style and aesthetic before considering us for a potential sponsorship.

In addition to posting on the Desert Peaches Instagram ($10/post), we are currently offering promotional services by Clarice Cormier through her Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to an audience of over 25 thousand followers. 

  • Photographed with iPhone 7 or with a professional DSLR Camera.
  • The photos she post are available for you to use on your social media. 
  • Hi-Res images are available for at an added fee, if you wish to use them as product photos on your site. 

Promo Options:
One permanent post featured on Clarice's personal Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.  Post will review the product/brand/service and reach out to her growing audience.  Customizable post options include choices between iPhone or dslr photos, stills or video posts,  along with giveaways/contests, story posts, etc.  


Are you looking for new photos or buzz about your special getaway? From Tucson, AZ where we are located, to anywhere in the world - if traveling arrangements are made - we'll be there. When sponsoring a trip for us, you will receive: 

  • Professional photos of the space & the surroundings. 

  • Professional lifestyle shots of the girls experiencing the trip.

  • Reviews of any services we are treated with during our stay as well (ie. restaurants, salon services, etc.) 

  • Consistent social media coverage throughout our stay (ie. online "check-ins", Instagram Stories, etc.) 

  • Detailed Blog Post of our experience.


digital marketing


Brand Development Package Options // Packages start at $497
Company & Product Naming, Identity Design, Color Palette, Typefaces, and Layout.

Minimalist Branding  // $549
5 Drafted Options, 3 revisions, a final set of logos in all usable formats, a style guide, and a branding board.

Choice Branding // $1497
5 Drafts, 3 revisions, final set of logos in all formats, style guide, branding board,  email signature, stationery, business cards, and SM icons.

Prime Branding // $1997
Choice Branding package plus, 3 WordMark options and unlimited use of all branding and artwork. We will also help connect you to other businesses through social media and help your brand gain a following.  

logo design

Every great business starts with a memorable logo. Let us capture your business's essence in one small graphic.

Starting at $397


Using your brand's existing logo, name, and color palette, let us create a unique business card that will leave your prospective clients with a lasting impression of your brand, even after you walk away.

  • 1-Sided Business Cards $150
  • 2-Sided Business Cards $197

Advertisement Design

If you currently have or want to start an advertising campaign, The Desert Peaches can design and execute your ads and ad campaigns for YOUR business. We can design and implement Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Craigslist Ads, Print Media Ads, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads and more. 


People are spending hours upon hours every day on social media, making it one of the most effective and cost-efficientways to advertise your business. Maintaining an online presence is invaluable to your company's success in today's digital landscape.

Let us help you by managing up to 3 different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), using an optimized posting schedule, and communicating with you weekly in order to effectively deliver your specialized message to your customers.


  screenshot from  Sierra's  experience using Facebook analytics

screenshot from Sierra's experience using Facebook analytics

Event Services


Bring the Peaches to YOUR event with this amazing package! We are located in Tucson, AZ but are available for travel. We will boost awareness and take your event to the next level by,

  • Adding your event to our event calendar on our website & Facebook page

  • "Checking-in" online at your Facebook event upon arrival

  • Posting about the event on our individual and business social media platforms throughout our attendance 

  • Creating a blog post about our experience afterwards

  • Professional photo services available at various price levels (inquire here)


Have the Peaches host an event at your venue with this all inclusive package! We are located in Tucson, AZ but are available for travel. We will boost awareness of your space/venue by planning an amazing event, this package includes us: 

  • Working with your team on planning an event at your space.

  • Bringing in local businesses & creatives to participate in the event
    Ex.: DJ's, bands, photographers, pop up shops, etc.

  • Adding your event to our event calendar on our website & Facebook page

  • Utilizing all 8 of our individual Facebook friend lists & social media followings to "invite" everyone to the event.

  • "Checking-in" online at your Facebook event upon arrival

  • Posting about the event on our individual and business social media platforms prior to & during the event. 

  • Creating a blog post about our experience afterwards

Concert / Festival Promotion

Promotion Options:

- "Desert Peaches" ticket discount code, open to percentage ideas.
- Ticket give-away: people will need to repost festival/concert flier on IG to enter
- Backstage Instagram “live feed” - on both Desert Peaches and/or your account.
- We will post on @desert.peaches IG in upcoming weeks.
- We can help bring in local vendors
- Interviews with some musicians.
- We will provide professional & IPhone photos and full blog post after the event. 



With this service, have one of our stylist do the shopping for you at any of your favorite stores. Our stylist will meet with you to discuss sizes, styles, your favorite stores, and will create a Pinterest board with styling ideas. 


  • Prices vary due to stores client is interested in, so price ranges are discussed when client and stylist meet
  • A 35% commission rate is added for the stylist
  • Inquire here


Want some designer brandsone of a kind pieceshelp conserve the environment all while saving money, but don't want to go through the trouble of looking through endless pieces at a thrift store? Call our personal thrift shopper who will go through all the work of shopping at thrift stores while keeping you fashionable, unique, and your pockets full. Pieces are individually priced and an hourly rate of $10 an hour is also adjusted into the cost. Use this service for a special event such as Halloween, costume/themed party, date dash, or just your every day wardrobe needs. 

Service overview

The client and the stylist meet to discuss sizes, measurements, styles, etc. and create a Pinterest board together. The stylist shops around local thrift stores to find the styles and pieces the client is looking for. Afterwards, the client and stylist meet back up so that the client can choose from a selection chosen personally for them. 


  • $10/hour (usually 3-5 hours per shopping trip)
  • Each item is individually priced
  • Inquire here


De-clutter your closet with the help of one of our wardrobe organizers. This service provides you with someone who will help you clean through your closet and create an organized space for your wardrobe.


*Price may vary depending on size of project and additional storage necessities such as hangers, containers, etc.

Do you need someone to style your shoot and make your creative vision come to life? Choose one of our wardrobe stylists to help you create imaginative looks for your photo shoot.


  • $75/outfit with accessories and shoes
  • $50/outfit without accessories and shoes
  • Inquire here