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We grabbed pieces of our 4 favorite key points from Pamela Vaughan's (@pamelump) blog post that will help all of us make the most out of our experience together!


1) Not Writing for the Blog's Audience

When writing for another blog, it's extremely important to understand the nuances of that blog's particular audience, especially if it's drastically different than your own blog's. This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to guest blogging, since it can take even the most seasoned bloggers months -- even years -- to truly understand the ins and outs of their audience. Spend some time researching who reads the blog you're writing for, and try to get a good sense of what those personas' problems, needs, and interests are. Read existing blog content to see how writers address the blog's audience. 

2) Not Aligning Your Tone/Style With That of the Blog

Your guest contribution shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb to the blog's readers; rather, it should jive with the rest of the content that gets published on that particular blog. Before you start writing, examine other posts to identify the tone and style of the content that gets published there. Is the writing conversational or formal? Does it include injections of humor at times? If it doesn't sound and feel like the other posts on the blog, there's a greater likelihood it will get rejected.

3) Providing Low Quality Posts

Just because the article you're writing isn't going to get published on your own blog, doesn't mean the quality of it should be any less important. If anything, the articles you write for external blogs should be even higher in quality. You need to both impress the blog manager enough to publish it, and capture the attention of the new audience you're exposed to so they'll want to check out your own website/blog. Put the time and effort into your guest writing. Just because a blog manager has agreed to review a post from you on the topic you proposed doesn't mean they're required to publish the end result. Make sure the quality of your contribution is on par with the quality caliber of other content on that blog.

4) Not Perfecting Your Byline

First things first: the blogger you're submitting your guest contribution to shouldn't have to ask you for a byline, so don't forget to include it along with your post. Check the blog's guest blogging guidelines and, if there are none, look at other guest posts already published on the blog to see how it handles bylines. Be sure to keep it short and sweet (1 longer sentence or 2 short sentences at most), and consider your byline to be your elevator pitch to that blog's audience. What do you want them to know about you and your business? Include a link back to your website where they can learn more about you -- whether it's to your blog, your business' 'about' page, or somewhere else.


   Desert Peaches   is an  inclusive  brand connecting creatives & businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more.  #desertpeaches

Desert Peaches is an inclusive brand connecting creatives & businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more. #desertpeaches



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