Shoot with Chelsey Herrera (ft. Bandito)


Desert Peaches had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Phoenix photographer, Chelsey Herrera, for a fun 60s/70s inspired shoot. Chelsey was able to create a pleasant and easy-going environment for the Peaches involved in this photoshoot. It was surely a hectic day for everyone but how blessed we were to "work" with a bunch of strong, talented, and beautiful women! Diana Dubuque was our wonderful hair and make-up artist who gave us all a bright, fun eyeshadow, and Hannah Klein was our fashion guru stylist with help from the beautiful collection at Bandito, a cute vintage and hand-made boutique off of south Scott Avenue, owned by Katie Petersen.


Ana: Working with Chelsey was such a pleasure. I am not a model, first of all, so she was able to make me feel comfortable and even confident with her great direction and creative visions; Chelsey herself was very confident in her shots.


Danie: I haven't liked a photo of myself in a long time until we did this shoot with Chelsey. She made me feel like myself again. The dress I'm wearing in the photo was hand made by my talented girl, Mother Tierra, for Desert’d.


Haley: Initially, I was really attracted to Chelsey's intimate, yet mysterious photography style after viewing her portfolio online. Chelsey was so generous and drove down from Phoenix to shoot at the crack of dawn. She is so easy to work with, and was so amazing at direction, and making me feel comfortable doing something that is out of my element. She is calm and collected, yet so warm and inviting.

Melissa: Somehow this photo shoot came together all so seamlessly, although I hadn't gotten much sleep on the day of the shoot. Chelsey is sweet, and her calming energy somehow translates in her photography. I love the mood that she creates in all her images. This is one of my favorite shoots to date!


Sierra: When I first saw Chelsey’s photos of her darling daughter I was already blown away with her talent and ability to capture emotion. When our photos from this shoot came back I was in awe that this hot and hectic day translated into such beautiful photographs, all thanks to Chelsey.




Would you believe that in the heart of downtown Tucson there's a magical space that whisks you away to an era of fringe, shag carpets, good jeans, and an overall less complicated time? Bandito is just that! Filled with beautifully curated pieces that tell a story when you put them on. The stylish and cute-to-boot shop owner and hostess of your shopping experience, Katie Peterson, surely knows what she's doing. Walking into the store you're immediately confronted with an amazing mustard velvet couch and the faint sound of records playing in the background. The vibe as if you're walking into a friend's "chill pad" from the 70's. This vintage shop is truly a gem-- we almost wanted to keep it to ourselves. Sprinkled with jewelry and accessories, the ensembles almost create themselves as you explore the store. If you're not into the one-of-a-kind threads it's worth a visit if only for the air of nostalgia. 


Ana: One of my favorite pieces I got to wear from Bandito was the Natural Everyday Jumpsuit made of natural, un-dyed, raw silk. I felt so relaxed and comfortable, yet stylish wearing it.


Danie: I wanted to buy every single piece at Bandito! If you haven't been there yet, do it! But bring cash because you're not gonna want to leave there without purchasing something!


Haley: Bandito is the most beautifully curated space with luxurious, hand-picked vintage and hand-crafted clothing. My favorite item was the silk Japanese kimono. I was immediately drawn to the sunset-colored pattern and statement batwing sleeves. Whether you’re at your vanity in the morning light, or pairing this piece with a belt and some 60s statement earrings, this kimono will make you feel like a Japanese queen.

Melissa: One of my favorite moments from our shoot was, of course, SHOPPPING! I ended up purchasing an amazing vintage leather vest that pairs effortlessly with jeans or a maxi skirt. It easily is ensured to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet. 


Sierra: We had the luck of having this photoshoot on one of Tucson's muggiest summer days. Fortunately, we spent most of our time playing with pool toys while wearing the most adorable colorful vintage swimsuits from Bandito (much to the patrons of the barber shop next door's enjoyment), like the ones I'm browsing below.

Thank you to Chelsey Herrera, Katie Petersen, Diana Dubuque, Hanah Klein, and Bandito!

   Desert Peaches   is an  inclusive brand connecting creatives & businesses . Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more.  #desertpeaches

Desert Peaches is an inclusive brand connecting creatives & businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more. #desertpeaches


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All photographs by Chelsey Herrera.

What's your favorite piece from this shoot? We'd love to hear! COmment below!

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