Introducing Jackie

"Jackie is one of the few people who has genuinely cared for me. When I had no where to live, she took me in. When I had no food, she fed me when she had no money to feed herself. When I had no support, she was my number one fan. She supports me in everything I do and gives me unconditional love. I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for her. You are forever mine, sister." Danie


"I’ve known Jackie the longest from the Peaches. I met her through a close mutual friend, and the rest is history. One of my first memories of Jackie is thinking how strange it is that she needs to have chocolate with all of her meals, and I mean ALL of her meals. Jackie is one of a kind. She is so motivated and driven when it comes to anything business.  I love that Jackie tries to be as inclusive as possible. She is always up for making new friends and having a good time." Ana

"Ohhhh Jackie. Where do I even start? Our friendship began during a photo shoot where our aesthetics, personality, and artistic vision clicked like legos. Jackie is self motivated, a natural leader, reliable, and incredibly talented.  She is the most giving girl you’ll ever meet - she’s like the cool sister that lets you borrow her clothes and sneaks you a beer.  Jackie has changed my world so much, she really is the girl to know.  Her doors are always open, and her place is always the place to be. Jackie is behind all of Desert Peaches, and is the glue to all of our friendships." Clarice

"Jackie Sterna. The most generous, selfless, giving, caring human being I know. Jackie puts others before herself, always. Without fail. Intrinsically,  Jackie is the most business-savvy and talented person. Before I ever knew her, I knew of Jackie because of her social media presence - and I literally thought she was a 35-year-old, professional photographer that had her own company and maybe even a family. Well, besides being a professional photographer with her own business, I was surprised when I finally met Jackie on Halloween night -- a hammered 24-year-old, in a fuzzy leotard and fishnets... just like me. Jackie is instantly lovable, she was STILL the most selfless human, even in her drunken-3am-Halloween-night-state." Haley 

"Jacqua!! This lil baby has won me over with her sweetness and generosity since the first night she had me over and fed me Cheetos, gluten-free pizza, and kindness. She is most aptly, The Hostess with the Mostest. Jackie is first to offer anything she has, to anybody, and Cheetos is the least of it. Jackie is an AMAZING photographer and literally GENIUS social media marketer. I feel so lucky to to be able to be friends and do business with such a creative mind. This girl has a gift and she wants to share it with anybody and everybody. Hence: Desert Peaches. Jackie is the ultimate girl-boss and she truly inspires me every day." Sierra


"Oh Jackie! I start out saying it like that, well, if you know Jackie then you know why. The comedian of our peaches is also the most complex. Jackie taught me if life gives you lemons, make peaches! And you better have fun and look good doing it because she'll be in the background snapping pics of it the whole time. This lil' lady is the kind that bends over backwards for her homies. Need something, Jackie already has the plug. She's a social butterfly on a mission to get to know you and all your friends, which is good for you because  she really loves to be surrounded by rad and talented people, and even more so, using her connections to further people in their social and professional lives. In other words, she uses her powers for good. The list can go on about this beautiful, smart, business savvy girl but I mostly love that if you are loved by Jackie then she will take care of you (the way a mama peach does). Anyway, I don't know why i'm ranting on about Jackie because you probably already know her and if you don't, you should!" Melissa




   Desert Peaches   is an  inclusive  brand connecting creatives & businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more.  #desertpeaches

Desert Peaches is an inclusive brand connecting creatives & businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more. #desertpeaches


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