Introducing Haley

"My dearest Haley, i've known for quite sometime now and still am continued to be surprised by her many strengths. She recently graduated from UofA and if I know anyone that knows how to balance health, fun, and work, it would be her. A trait I admirably sit back in amazement about. Haley comes off as silly and fun, but is always the one that you will find yourself having a REAL conversation with. I find myself introducing her to friends, and then a week later she's out to lunch with them, followed by a jog on Tumamoc. She truly has a knack for getting to know you and even more so understanding and accepting you...with (strong) and loving arms!" Melissa

"Haley, the little ball of energy! Somehow between working, studying Graphic Design at the U of A, and working out everyday, she always has time for her girls. Our ADD souls understand each other. I value our long talks on the hike up Tumamoc and I always feel a million times better afterwards because she’s such a good listener and great advice giver. We’ve had a strong connection since our first real conversation on the patio of Che’s Lounge, and it’s only grown since we’ve discovered our many similarities, including our mutual love for hip-hop.  Cute lil shawty w/ 2bunz <3" Sierra

  Photo by:  Jackie Sterna

Photo by: Jackie Sterna

"Cool, calm, and collected. I love being around Haley because her energy is very comforting and accepting. She can have a conversation with anybody and make you feel like the most important person there. Haley is so beautiful both inside and out. She is the queen of health and fitness and has an incredibly creative mind." - Ana

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"Haley is pure energy.  She always has this electrical aura that she brings with her everywhere - from her commitment to health and fitness, to making new friends, and more.  It’s this contagious passion for everything and anything.  This energy along with her bunny space buns makes her entrance into a room never go unnoticed.  Haley is the girl you go to when you need a big hug and and a wave of motivation, and I’m so lucky to know her." Clarice


"I message Haley at least once a day saying STOP because she’s always at the gym and I cannot handle how healthy she lives. She’s crazy. It’s crazy. I think I’m just lazy. How can one be so motivated to work out and eat healthy everyday, I’ll never understand. Although she’s a fitness fanatic, once everyone around town meets her she instantly becomes known for her good taste in music. Haley surprises everyone she meets, which makes her think she’s doing something wrong, but it’s not her fault people judge a book by it’s cover. I think it’s pretty cool that she get’s to shock people on the daily haha. She is a spectacular person that you should get to know, behind her two cute blonde little buns, and her cute bum :P" Jackie


"Haley fills the room with her cute , quirky attitude. She is always down for anything and I love that about her. Her attitude is always so positive, you just want to be around her. She makes me laugh so hard without her even trying. Her fitness and health is on point and I always try to make the attempt to workout with her… One day." Danie


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   Desert Peaches  &nbsp;is an  inclusive &nbsp;brand connecting creatives &amp; businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers &amp; more.&nbsp; #desertpeaches

Desert Peaches is an inclusive brand connecting creatives & businesses. Explore our community through the eyes of featured artists, bloggers & more. #desertpeaches



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